April 7 - 9, 2022 | Tri-Cities, Washington

Preliminary Program

The program for Herbert M. Parker Symposium begins Thursday evening, April 7th, with the Spring 2022 Herbert M. Parker Lecture, followed by a series of topical plenary sessions on Friday, April 8th, and a conference banquet Friday evening. The morning of Saturday, April 9th, will be devoted primarily to a career fair with an opportunity for attendees to meet and interact with academic, research, and prospective employment organizations.

A technical tour of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park’s Hanford B-Reactor will be offered on Saturday afternoon. Additional, alternative technical tours which may be offered Saturday afternoon include the Hanford Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and the IsoRay brachytherapy source production facility.

Students will also be offered the opportunity to provide poster presentations on their current academic or research work. A session on Friday afternoon will be devoted specifically to viewing and interacting with these poster presentations. In addition, the CCHPS will be offering several academic scholarships to students participating in the poster session.

Preliminary Speaker List

  • Keynote: Michael Stabin (NV5/HMIS) - Parker Lecturer

  • Keynote: Tony Brooks (PNNL, retired) - Medical Health Physics

  • Keynote: Bruce Napier (PNNL) - Scientific & Regulatory

  • Keynote: Marianne Sowa (NASA) - Applied Health Physics

  • Keynote: James Conca (UFA Ventures) - Friday Banquet Speaker

  • Calvin Manning (Framatome) - Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Michael Shymanski (Bechtel) - Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Jerry Kurtz (Hanford) - Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Kevin Doody (Hanford) - Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • John Gough (Swedish Health Services) - Medical Health Physics

  • Michael Boyd (US EPA) - Scientific & Regulatory

  • Earl Fordham (WA DOH) - Scientific & Regulatory

  • Caitlin Condon (PNNL) - Scientific & Regulatory

  • Nancy Kirner (Kirner Consulting, Inc., retired) - Applied Health Physics

  • Linda Synoground (DOE/RAP) - Applied Health Physics

  • Invited: Steve Reese (OSU) - Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • Invited: Wesley Boyd (DOE) - Scientific & Regulatory

  • Invited: Mike Ault (US Ecology) - Applied Health Physics

Sessions (April 8)

The scientific topics to be covered at the symposium include:

Parker Lecture

A technical lecture to honor Mr. Parker’s legacy of ethical and scientific standards and his concern for protection of people and the environment. The lecture is designed to enhance the public’s understanding of scientific and technological issues and their impacts on society - to better understand the benefits of “good science.”

Plenary Session 1. Nuclear fuel cycle

  • Fuel Fabrication

  • Research Reactor HP

  • Power Reactor HP

  • Small Modular Reactors

  • Nuclear D&D

  • Waste Management Technology

Plenary Session 2: Medical Health Physics

  • Keynote: Issues in Health Effects

  • Radiation Therapy (Medical Physics)

  • Medical Center Health Physics

Plenary Session 3: Scientific & Regulatory

  • Academic Programs

  • Keynote: UNSCEAR; Russian Health Studies

  • State Regulator (WA)

  • U.S. Department of Energy

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Plenary Session 4. Applied Health Physics

  • Keynote: Space Radiation

  • State of the HP Profession

  • Response to Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism

  • Technology for Nuc & Rad Terrorism Prevention

  • Low-Level Rad Waste

  • Handling a Source Breach


  • Keynote